Azure Bastion: In Preview

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Hello there folks, how you all doing?  Good?  Glad to hear it, let’s learn things…man, that’s was a goofy intro 🙂

So, recently Microsoft released the Azure Bastion service into limited public preview, but what is it and why do I care?

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Part 6: ASR Invoke Failover to Azure

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Welcome back folks.  In the last part of the guide we ran through a test failover for one of our protected VMware VMs, in this section we’re going to run through it for real.  To make the guide a little more straightforward, we’ll make a few assumptions:

  • Our failed over VMs will not retain the same IP addresses that they have on-premises.
    • If our VMs needed to talk to each other, this would likely mean an update to DNS etc.
  • We’ll be connecting to our failed over VMs over RDP via a locked down Public IP address.
    • We’ll be setting up a site-to-site connection using the VPN gateway service.

The main tasks we’ll be running through will be, creating a Recovery Plan and initiating a planned failover.  With that our of the way, let’s crack on.

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Azure VM: Standard to Premium Storage, Unmanaged to Managed

Hello folks and welcome back. I recently had cause to convert the OS disk of an Azure VM from Standard (HDD) to Premium (SSD). This turned out to be a little more interesting than I expected, so I thought I’d blog the process I decided on and for once this will actually be quite a short post as it’s all PowerShell.

Before we get into it, let’s have a look at the existing VM and what we’re looking to achieve:

The VM We’re Starting With

Here are the particulars of our test VM, post change:

  • VM Size:  Standard D1 v2 (1 CPU, 3.5 GB RAM)
  • 128 GB OS disk on standard storage (HDD)
  • 2 x 128 GB data disks on standard storage (HDD)
  • All disks are in the same storage account
  • All disks are unmanaged
  • VM has a dynamic Public IP assigned
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