Azure Bastion: In Preview

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Hello there folks, how you all doing?  Good?  Glad to hear it, let’s learn things…man, that’s was a goofy intro 🙂

So, recently Microsoft released the Azure Bastion service into limited public preview, but what is it and why do I care?

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Secure an Azure Web App Using Let’s Encrypt


Ahoy there folks. I recently received an email from my SSL provider advising the certificate on this blog was about to expire. Just as I was about to click the renew button I remembered reading a tweet from my good friend and ex-colleague @KennyLowe. In that tweet, he advised he’d just switched the SSL provider for his Azure Web App hosted blog to Let’s Encrypt. Now I’d heard about Let’s Encrypt a while ago but hadn’t yet had cause to make use of it, so decided to go through the same process he did and make the switch. One of the added bonuses is that Simon J.K. Pedersen has developed an awesome site extension aptly named “Let’s Encrypt Site Extension”, and this extension handles the installation and update of your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate…thanks for the awesome work Simon 🙂

Having now run through the process, I decided to spin up a dummy Azure Web App, go through the process again, and blog it…cause why not, right?

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Part 7: ASR Failback to VMware

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Welcome back folks.  In the last part of this guide we ran through a failover of our VMware VMs into Azure and what we learned was that as with most things in tech, if you nail the steps that lead up to it, the process of failing over is actually pretty straightforward.

So we’ve only really got one last thing left to do to close our ASR loop, and that’s to failover our VMs from Azure back to our on-premises VMware environment.  As such, this will be a fairly short section as there isn’t much too this task.

So without further ado…

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