Part 2: Deploy MSSQL Resource Provider into ASDK

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Welcome back folks. So‚Ķwith all the work we’ve done thus far, we’re now in a position to deploy the MSSQL RP. This will allow you to provide SQL databases as a service, so PaaS!

Here’s a list of what we’re going to do in this section of the guide:

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Part 2: Deploy MSSQL and MySQL as PaaS on Azure Stack

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19/07/2017:  UPDATED for the Azure Stack Dev Kit

Welcome back folks. In the last guide we deployed a single node Azure Stack POC and uploaded a Server 2016 Image to the gallery. In part 2 we’re going to deploy both the MSSQL and MySQL resource providers. Microsoft have done a great job of making this a fairly straightforward endeavour so I don’t expect this to be too meaty a post

Here’s a high level list of what we’ll be going over:

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Set Custom URLs for WAP Admin and Tenant Sites

Hello again folks, I just recently put up a guide on deploying WAP and SPF and thought this little addition would be useful.

The first thing I wanted to do when I spun up my first WAP server was to have the admin and tenant sites respond over port 443 and change the URLs to something more friendly. I was very happy to find out that this is something that can be done without “too” much effort

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the URLs for each of the sites listed in the table below. Once that decision has been made, you’ll want to add them into DNS, for the purposes of this guide I’m doing this all internally but the theory is the same for making these sites available to the internet.

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