Deploy and Configure a SCVMM Library Server on SOFS

Hi folks, I recently noticed that I was referring to a SCVMM library server in my Server 2016 Features Series but neglected to create a guide for said library server…how rude of me. Please allow me to rectify that

When deploying a highly available instance of SCVMM, you can’t have the installer create the share for you, if you’ve been following the above series though, you’ve also deployed a scale-out file server, so why not put your SCVMM library share there?

There is one massive benefit to this method (you’re getting it in bold folks). When deploying a VM from a SOFS hosted library share to the SOFS shares for your Hyper-V environment, the data copy is all done within SOFS over your SMB network(s). This means that the traffic doesn’t touch your management network and in fact, won’t even leave the Top of Rack switch (assuming both your Hyper-V hosts and SOFS nodes are connected to the same).

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Part 3: Deploy a 2 Node Shared SAS 2016 Storage Spaces Cluster

Previous Post in Series:  Part 2: Deploy a Highly Available SCVMM Instance Step-by-Step

Welcome to part 3 of the Server 2016 Features Series.  In this deployment, VM storage will be provided to our Hyper-V cluster by means of Scale-Out file server shares (in advance of creating our Hyper-V cluster). This guide will take you through the deployment and configuration of a 2 node Shared SAS Storage Spaces cluster and the Scale-Out File Server role that sits on it. Here is a breakdown of the tasks that will be covered:

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