Part 2: Deploy MSSQL and MySQL as PaaS on Azure Stack

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19/07/2017:  UPDATED for the Azure Stack Dev Kit

Welcome back folks. In the last guide we deployed a single node Azure Stack POC and uploaded a Server 2016 Image to the gallery. In part 2 we’re going to deploy both the MSSQL and MySQL resource providers. Microsoft have done a great job of making this a fairly straightforward endeavour so I don’t expect this to be too meaty a post

Here’s a high level list of what we’ll be going over:

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Add Additional Administrators to WAP Admin Portal

Hi folks, I thought I’d throw up a quick guide of this one for the sake of completeness after posting my WAP deployment guide.

So you’ve got WAP up and running and have done all your testing etc. You’re looking to add some additional administrators to the admin portal and can’t for the life of your find out where to do that. Don’t worry, it’s not you, apparently this cannot be done from within the portal itself and needs to be done by inserting users into the WAP database via PowerShell.

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Deploy Windows Azure Pack (Express) Step-by-Step

Hello again folks, if you’ve been following this blog since it launched, you’ll be aware that I’ve been writing a series I’m calling the Server 2016 Features Series. Part of this series is exposing the Shielded VM capability to the Windows Azure Pack portal. I’m working on the assumption that some people may never have deployed WAP before, and so decided to put a guide together for it. As this guide isn’t technically part of the above series, I’ll also be including the components required for a successful minimal viable deployment of WAP Express (single server). Here is a high level of the tasks covered:

  • Deploy and configure a SQL Server 2016 VM
  • Deploy and configure a Service Provider Foundation Server
  • Deploy and configure a Windows Azure Pack Server
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