Part 4: ASR Enable Replication for VMware VMs

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Welcome back folks.  In this section of the guide we’ll be setting up the replication of our VMware VMs to a recovery vault in our Azure subscription.  Once we’ve successfully replicated one or more of our VMs, we also run a DR-Drill to confirm that’s all working as intended (next section of the guide).  Let’s get on with it:

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Part 2: ASR VMware – Azure Environment Prep

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Welcome back folks. In the last post we looked at the ASR Deployment Planner Tool, used it to profile our VMware environment and provide a report of what that environment may look like/cost in Azure. In this post we’ll be preparing our VMware and Azure environments for enabling disaster recovery to Azure.

Our first task will be to take care of a couple of requirements in our Azure subscription, namely the deployment of an Azure Recovery Services Vault and a Virtual Network…so let’s do that.

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Azure Site Recovery: VMware to Azure

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In this guide series we’ll be going through all the necessary steps to replicate a VMware environment to Azure for DR purposes.  To achieve this we’ll be making use of the Azure Site Recovery service but before we get into things, let’s have a quick overview of the components of ASR and their place within the environment/solution:

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